1189 Journal Bulk Pre-Order

1189 Journal Bulk Pre-Order

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No Christian will deny the necessity of reading God's word and no Christian will deny the difficulty of being diligent in that pursuit. The 1189 journal is for women who want to read the entire Bible but struggle with being consistent. (*includes a reading plan but can be used with any reading plan) 

Pages include:

*List of books of the Bible

*Tracker for all 1,189 chapters of the Bible

*Reading plan (1189 Bible Reading Plan)

*3 Year reading tracker

*3 Year monthly growth pages

*Scripture memorization technique and guide

*Verse keeper pages 


This journal is a great tool for:

*New believers trying to read through the whole Bible

*Believers who have struggled to be consistent in reading the Bible


+Shipping and Handling
Printed & assembled in the USA 

Covers may include - Poppy, Fern, Shell, Northern Lights, Winding Road, and Wood


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There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible but most of us have not read them all. This journal is intended to be a visual aid of how much growth and time we spend in the word of God. It is designed to encourage us to pursue more than just certain books or certain chapters but rather ALL of scripture. 

1189 Bible Reading Plan

This reading plan is designed to be read one chapter at a time one day at a time making sure that we are taking in the depth of God's word rather than attempting to fulfill a goal of reading through the Bible in a certain amount of time. It is also designed to make sure that we are spending time both in the New Testament and the Old Testament. Most books are divided into two reading portions with the exception of books that tend to be harder to read straight through (Leviticus, Deutoronomy, Isaiah, Ezekiel etc.) which are divided more than once. Some New and Old testament books have been placed next to each other due to how similar they are in content i.e. Leviticus and Hebrews, James and Proverbs. 

Scripture Memorization

Included in this journal is a scripture memory technique that I have been using for the last 2 years and have seen to be effective in my life. It is a very simple method that follows the technique of reciting the verse, writing the verse out, and testing yourself to see how much you are retaining. 

3 Year Growth Trackers

Included in this journal are growth trackers for a period of 3 years measuring how many chapters a month you are reading and what areas of your spiritual life you are seeing growth in for every month of the year for three years time. 

Verse Keeper

Pages to keep favorite verses as you make your way through 1,189 chapters of the Bible.