My name is Ida and I am the author and owner of Soli Deo Gloria Blog & Shop. I am affectionately called love, mommy, step-mom, filha, sister and friend. Though these names mean the world to me, nothing compares to how The Lord called me by my name. I was a sinner and God in his Mercy showed me grace! He brought me out of my wretched ways and filled me with grace, and then gave me more grace. 

Here's a little bit about my past..

I was born in poverty, abandoned, neglected, sexually abused, suicidal, depressed and broken all before the age of twelve. On the outside I was quiet, nice and by all labeled a "good kid", but on the inside I was dead. I had no passion for life, no joy, numb and hopeless. My teen years were consumed with searching for love and acceptance. I was constantly looking to be reassured that I was loved and wanted. This ultimately resulted in disappointment because no human could fill what I was missing. The first fifteen years of my life were so dark, but God showed His light upon my life and gave me hope above all hopes. 

I enjoy spending time with my family of five and the brethren the Lord has placed in my life. I dearly love my family and friends who encourage and challenge me on a daily basis. I am blessed to do life with some amazing people and am completely undeserving of their love but so grateful that I have them all. 

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I currently spend my days homeschooling, working for a wonderful company (who allows me great freedom in my schedule), and making my home a place of rest and comfort for the people I love most. I enjoy writing, reading books (especially historical fiction and children's books), knitting, dabbling in some watercolor and cooking. I also love the journey the Lord has set me on in designing and creating pretty journals for growing hearts for women all over the world. 

As I blog and share in this space I pray that someone else might find hope in Christ. That the stories I share, whether hard or easy would bring Soli Deo Gloria, "Glory to God alone".

                                                                        Grace & peace,


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Why are you cast down, O my soul?
And why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him,
For the help of His countenance.
— Psalm 42:5