Press On Journal - Calligraphy

Press On Journal - Calligraphy

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A guide for helping women process thoughts and emotions Biblically while cultivating a habit of encouraging their hearts to press on in Christ. Recommended for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, worry, doubt etc., but for any woman who is looking to grow in Christ and in cultivating Biblical thoughts and healthy emotions. Journal pack includes two journals "BEHIND" for dealing with hard emotional struggles and "FORWARD" for storing words of encouragement. 

5.5in x 8.5in

BEHIND - 44 Pages / FORWARD - 44 Pages / Total of - 88 Pages

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What Others Are Saying:

"The “Behind” journal gave me a space to become completely vulnerable with my feelings and assisted me in aligning my way of thinking with God’s word. It also encouraged me in the discipline of prayer. The “Forward” journal took me gently by the hand and reminded me that God loves me, that He will always remain faithful and that with His help, I'm going to be okay.  Having used this journal pack, I strongly believe that the women who get their hands on it will continue to grow in deeper love and appreciation for who God is and His perfect sovereign ways. They will also learn to become women who one day will be able to comfort others with the comfort they've received from Christ. If you are experiencing the weight of a heavy burden and want to know the joy of that burden being carried by God, pick up this journal pack. It’s that good!" -Janellie

"It's beautiful that alone draws you in.... I love anything that gets me examining my thoughts and filtering them through scripture."-Kristin

“My experience with the forward and behind journals have been very helpful with managing my anxieties. I have battled with anxiety most my life, but it's progressed more in recent years due to being a wife, mother, and just life's many stressors. If the Lord had not saved me and given me hope in Christ, I don't know if I would have made it. With all this said having practical ways of coping that brings me back to Christ, and things that help to remind me where my peace lies is essential for me. These journals are a wonderful thing to incorporate into my devotions. Looking back on my good days reminds me of what I am grateful for, and even on the bad days it helps to write out my feelings, but then bring life back to Christ. Anxiety makes everything seem so extreme, being able to write out those thoughts and see where I was on my anxious days helps me too see a bit clearer.” -Fyzah

"It helps me during hard moments! I can't believe how much I pick it up and write in it- and I use the forward journal even more to just feel encouraged."-Lindsee

"Absolutely helpful and looking forward to continuing to use it and its wonderful format. The scripture focus and guided heart searching was so beneficial. The "behind" portion was a huge blessing. So often I feel in the body of Christ we (often unintentionally) discourage exploring our emotions, but it's so crucial to moving forward, to take some time at the root of our pain. This journal pack was a beautiful way to stay close to Jesus and the truth as I acknowledged some hard things. Freeing and enriching, that's what I say about this pack!"-Hannah

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