Why Soli Deo Gloria?


Soli Deo Gloria is the latin term for "Glory to God alone". It is one of the five solas, which was a summary of the basic theological beliefs of the Protestant Reformation. Sola means "alone" or "only", Deo means "God" and Gloria means "Glory".

The Five Solas

  1. Sola Scriptura "by Scripture alone" - Life and church be governed by scripture alone.

  2. Sola Fide "by faith alone" - Justification is recieved by faith alone.

  3. Sola Gratia "only grace" - Salvation is achieved by Grace alone.

  4. Solus Christus "Christ alone" - Christ is the only mediator between God and man.

  5. Soli Deo Gloria "Glory to God alone" - All glory is due to God alone. 

I picked this blog name for two reasons. 

  1. I want anyone who visits here to know that it is by God's grace that I am where I am. I did not make any decision on my own that gave me salvation, grace, hope or love. It was and is all by God's grace. I have not healed on my own, God is doing that. I did not grow spiritually on my own, God is doing that. I did not become a good wife on my own, God is doing that. I did not become a good parent on my own, God is doing that. It was all God and He deserves ALL the glory. 

  2. I wanted to always have a reminder for myself that it is all of God. There are times where my own pride and weakness kick in and I think I can do something on my own or that I have accomplished something on my own. I have not and I would be fooling myself if I thought I could. I need this reminder daily.